Case Study: Craft of Charisma Podcast

Project Results

We recorded, released, and promoted three new podcasts every week for seven months. As a result of creating consistent, high-quality content, and leveraging the power of other people’s audiences by interviewing high-profile guests, Craft of Charisma’s audience, site traffic, keywords, and inbound leads increased significantly from the second half of 2018 through much of 2019.

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Project Overview

Podcast Relaunch and Audience Growth Campaign

Craft of Charisma, a leading men’s dating and relationship coach in NYC, came to us in summer 2018 to relaunch and grow their podcast audience. 

At the time, they had not published any new podcasts for a few years since their debut season. They were averaging 1000-2000 plays per month.

The main goals and objectives were to record 3-6 new podcast interviews per week to build up a reserve, and release 3 new episodes per week to grow their following and increase visibility.

They also wanted to rebrand and shift the focus of their podcast from just dating and relationships to overall men’s emotional health and self development to appeal to a wider audience demographic.

Project Components

How We Implemented the Project Successfully

Podcast Guest Research, Outreach, and Booking

We conducted guest research and email outreach, coordinated the podcast schedule and guest booking process, and developed interview scripts.

Podcast Editing and Publishing

We cleaned and edited all podcast audio to enhance the quality and listener experience. We also developed show notes to boost on-page SEO. New episodes were published on the podcast host and company website.

Podcast Promotion

We promoted new podcast episodes on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and sent the links to our guests so they could share it with their audience.