Case Study: Craft of Charisma

Project Results

*Note: Project ongoing as of December 2021. Results will continue to be updated periodically.*

We helped Craft of Charisma audit and optimize their website, funnels, and SEO to increase traffic and conversions and boost leads and sales. Our 3-month Google Ads campaign helped them make $10,000 in sales in Q3 2021.

Now, after just over 2 months into our Q4 SEO campaign, keyword rankings, search impressions, and inbound leads are already increasing.

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Project Overview

Marketing System Optimization for Traffic and Conversions

Craft of Charisma, a leading men’s dating and relationship coach in NYC, came to us in summer 2021 to assess, build, and optimize their digital marketing ecosystem to increase incoming leads and new clients.

At the time, they were recovering from the global pandemic, in which all their live workshops and events were shut down for nearly a year and a half.

Additionally, they had not published any new blog content since early 2019, and their website traffic, organic keywords, and search rankings had dropped considerably as a result.

The main goals and objectives were to increase organic search rankings, increase local and maps rankings, improve key site metrics, and increase lead inquiries and program signups.

Another goal was to expand to other major cities throughout the US and internationally to start offering live workshops and programs in these cities and scale up their business.

Project Components

How We Implemented the Project Successfully

Website Audit and Optimization

We did a full website technical audit and cleanup. We also optimized site tracking and analytics using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Lucky Orange for user recordings and heatmaps.

Google Search Ads Campaign

We ran and optimized a Google search ads campaign for 3 months to drive leads and signups for their October 2021 live program in NYC.

On-Page and Local SEO

We conducted in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis, optimized existing site content, and created a new content strategy.

We published weekly blog posts to target early stage informational keywords, as well as location-specific pages targeting late stage transactional keywords.

We also optimized their existing Google My Business profiles and opened several new locations to start targeting new cities.